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My latest session was very special considering I had such an amazing maternity session with their momma. There is so much love in this family that it would take an author a thousand years to even comprehend how to put it on paper. It’s indescribable, really.

I’m an auntie to two very unique and rambunctious twin boys, and I was pleased to learn that these baby girls’ mom goes to great lengths to see that they are treated as individuals rather than a unit. They entered this world early 6 months ago and against great odds, and I know that their parents will strive to treat them just as special and courageous as they have already shown themselves to be.

Senior 2009

This beautiful young woman and her mom braved some very cold weather with me a few weeks ago to have her senior pictures done. Her mom said that she wanted some pictures in a hay field, and I was beyond excited. Little did she know that we would be running around from abandoned house to a small barn and finally downtown Meeker (which is funny enough to say because there is barely enough in Meeker to even call it a town).

I know she’s excited to get to see these, so I’m going to stop running my mouth and let her see!

Lollipops and Lovies

One of my favorite little girls was back for a Christmas session last month, and I couldn’t believe how big she’s grown! She was running all over the place, so we definitely got a workout keeping up with her. I had just finished some fake lollipops, so she was the first to get to try them out. Not bad, huh?

Walk About

My mom always like to go on “walk abouts” around the two acres where I grew up. She would check on the tree saplings and her horses, possibly even stopping to chat with a neighbor. It reminds me of a time when we weren’t too busy to observe our surroundings, take it all in and really enjoy it.

This little boy takes me back to times like that. He was absolutely enthralled with the world around him. I could barely keep up! Right in the middle of my session, we happened upon a woman feeding the park squirrels. I think that every squirrel in the park and their cousins from another nearby park were all there. It seemed like hundreds. And this little guy couldn’t wait to check them out.

Hey Little Mama

This maternity session was so much fun. I learned something from it, though. I’ll never tell someone that I can get a maternity session done in two hours. All of them have been four hours long!

This new mama-to-be had such great clothing choices, we had to try all of them. Just check out that Marylin Monroe dress. Beautiful! There’s even a pair of old cowboy boots in the outdoor photos. I just loved it.

I wish you both the best for a safe and quick delivery of your new baby girl!