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Travelin’ Through

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph a sweet young boy that I first photographed at two months and then at six months. This time he was 14 months, and just as much a heartbreaker as ever. His mom is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I just love how much these parents adore their little boy. I love this age, and he is no exception.

Of course, every shot can’t be perfect. You set up the shot, and the backlighting is just right, mom’s hair is blowing softly in the breeze and then…

…somebody is just not feeling the moment.

I, however, crack up hysterically. My job, it is so much fun.

I was pleasantly surprised when this family agreed to meet me in Chandler, thereby shaving off about an hour from my usual commute to Tulsa. I also brought my daughter as an experiment. Kids love kids, they are absolutely fascinated by them. My daughter, however, was fascinated with the little toy car that she has claimed as her own even though Whitecotton Studio claimed it first…on last year’s tax return. But we had a good time, and no one was run over on main street Chandler, OK.

And this one was fun to edit with a funky texture. I love the surrealism of it…like stepping back in time.

And finally, a little bit of history to share with you. This gazebo was erected as part of Oklahoma’s Centennial celebration of 2007. It was such a beautiful little, peaceful spot…even right there in Chandler, OK.


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