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My latest session was very special considering I had such an amazing maternity session with their momma. There is so much love in this family that it would take an author a thousand years to even comprehend how to put it on paper. It’s indescribable, really.

I’m an auntie to two very unique and rambunctious twin boys, and I was pleased to learn that these baby girls’ mom goes to great lengths to see that they are treated as individuals rather than a unit. They entered this world early 6 months ago and against great odds, and I know that their parents will strive to treat them just as special and courageous as they have already shown themselves to be.


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Hey Little Mama

This maternity session was so much fun. I learned something from it, though. I’ll never tell someone that I can get a maternity session done in two hours. All of them have been four hours long!

This new mama-to-be had such great clothing choices, we had to try all of them. Just check out that Marylin Monroe dress. Beautiful! There’s even a pair of old cowboy boots in the outdoor photos. I just loved it.

I wish you both the best for a safe and quick delivery of your new baby girl!

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My brother and his family are up next. My nephew turned 3 months old last month, and we snapped a few Christmas photos at their house as well.

This one reminds me so much of us growing up in North Dakota. My brother and I would race down the sharp incline on our driveway…and sled down it when it was piled deep with snow. Both my brother and I have kids that look so much like us as kids, it should be a crime.

I really liked this next one, and it will probably embarrass my brother and his wife, but we’ve been doing that for years. Why stop now?

The gummy grins get me every time.

Well, every shot can’t be perfect.

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Hello, baby!

Ah, finally a newborn! But this isn’t just any newborn – it’s my 2 week old nephew, Kolby. That brings my nephew/niece tally to boys:8, girls:0. We’ll find out next month if another sister-in-law is going to bring that coveted niece into the family. I have all these tutus in my arsenal and the only girl I have to dress up is my own daughter. I’m so ready for a niece.

But for now, we’re enjoying Mr. Kolby. Isn’t he so handsome?

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Double Trouble

I got an email from this lovely mama-to-be, and I was so excited to hear that she is pregnant with twins. I’ve photographed twins before, but I’ve never had a maternity session with twins before.

It’s always interesting to learn about my new clients, and this was no exception. Although mom is absolutely gorgeous, she said that a friend or relative told her that she had to have a maternity session. It’s not something that commonly happens in this part of the country due to our conservative nature. But I’m so glad that she decided to go through with it. While you are pregnant, you wonder if it will ever end. But when your baby (or babies) celebrate their third birthday, you try and try to remember all of those precious first moments. It’s more difficult than you think.

Mom really wanted to capture some candid casual moments, and dad had this great idea to get out his Porche book. I was so thrilled with the result. We were laughing hysterically at the time!

And finally, this storyboard sums up my session with this loving, adoring couple. It was a blast meeting you and working with you. I wish you all the best and a fast, safe delivery welcoming your brand new girls into the world.

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One of my recent sessions was for the family of a very sweet friend that I met at a local mom’s group. She shares my love of photography, and I was excited when she emailed to book her session. I cannot get enough of her son’s baby blues.

One thing that she and I have in common is that we are/were our own general contractors on our homes. Her home has been finished for awhile and mine…well, we’ve got a few months to go. Her parents have also entered the realm of home building, and we scheduled their session at the new home site. I just loved their layout so much that it almost made me want to tear down and start over…the operative word being *almost*.

Last fall during our meetups, she would give me updates on her parents new purchases for their grandsons. To me, it almost sounded like they were not only going to build a house, but a private theme park as well. “So Robyn, mom just called and they’re in Arkansas. They bought a zip line.”

“A zip what?” Of course I had to ask about it when I arrived, but the zip line’s debut won’t be for awhile. I suppose dad will have to do for the time being.

It was such a pleasure to meet this wonderful family, and I wish them all the best in their endeavors. It makes me so happy to see families live so close together that they can spend time together and create new adventures. Myself included. 😉

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The sweet little redhead I’ve been photographing for awhile turned one in December. It was bittersweet because as much as I loved getting to see her grow up each month, I knew that the monthly sessions were over. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see her at her next birthday because she was absolutely hilarious with that cake mom bought for the occasion. (Good thinking, Mom!) Oh boy did she ever get into it!

Originally uploaded by whitecottonstudio.

Originally uploaded by whitecottonstudio.

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