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Hey Little Mama

This maternity session was so much fun. I learned something from it, though. I’ll never tell someone that I can get a maternity session done in two hours. All of them have been four hours long!

This new mama-to-be had such great clothing choices, we had to try all of them. Just check out that Marylin Monroe dress. Beautiful! There’s even a pair of old cowboy boots in the outdoor photos. I just loved it.

I wish you both the best for a safe and quick delivery of your new baby girl!


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My brother and his family are up next. My nephew turned 3 months old last month, and we snapped a few Christmas photos at their house as well.

This one reminds me so much of us growing up in North Dakota. My brother and I would race down the sharp incline on our driveway…and sled down it when it was piled deep with snow. Both my brother and I have kids that look so much like us as kids, it should be a crime.

I really liked this next one, and it will probably embarrass my brother and his wife, but we’ve been doing that for years. Why stop now?

The gummy grins get me every time.

Well, every shot can’t be perfect.

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Hello, baby!

Ah, finally a newborn! But this isn’t just any newborn – it’s my 2 week old nephew, Kolby. That brings my nephew/niece tally to boys:8, girls:0. We’ll find out next month if another sister-in-law is going to bring that coveted niece into the family. I have all these tutus in my arsenal and the only girl I have to dress up is my own daughter. I’m so ready for a niece.

But for now, we’re enjoying Mr. Kolby. Isn’t he so handsome?

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